Introducing the impressions who heard Emerald Tablet.

I don’t know what to say… I had a chance to meet such a beautiful view of the world. It’s the best timing for everyone. This leading guide will save people who carrying all kind of difficulty. I really enjoyed. Thank you.

I listened to this leading guide with my eyes opened. I saw the shape of the brain stem, and the crystal ball. I felt I was in the center of the arena. I got and charged enough energy after a long time.

When I got back from the world of this leading guide, I couldn’t tell the border between my body and my soul. It felt like my room has disappeared. I felt the circulation of fresh blood all over my body. After this live, I appreciated the feeling of reborn.

When I heard Eriko’s first tone, the feeling like that I am melting had started. There was no border in my body and I could become particles. My pineal gland has been stimulated and tightened… This kind of feeling is very rare for me but it was fun to expand more and more. When I felt everything was prepared everything, I felt like I was the flower of life itself. I felt deeper pleasure.

I was in a healing place when I listened to this leading guide. I followed a thoughts stream. The western stranger appeared out of nowhere. Recently I had been in the darkness, but I realize that I can change myself.

I thought that “Amenti” was somewhere else, but it was actually inside of me. I found out that I am the crystal ball. I was so surprised. I was so glad that I could share my experience with all of you.

My tears kept shedding from the beginning and I feel that it was full of joy and happiness. I think those things turn to tears. After I listened to this leading guide, I was feeling a tree growing from me. I realized “This is the sense that I wanted!!”.

There were many places where I thought, “Tell it again!” So good thing about the CD is I can listen to it again and again. I am excited about how my world will change. I would like to listen to the CD morning and night.

I had been thinking too much, so I felt heavy in the head. When I listened to this leading guide, it slowly faded. At last I made it to the void. I was thinking reaching the void is such a lonely thing. But today, I had a calm feeling, or more like I returned to the right place. I could reset myself.

I thought that today’s live was too energetic for me. When I breathed deeply, I felt so comfortable. I heard the voice of Toma-san singing, but it was a chord, so it was strange and I realized that it was different. I was very refreshed.

When I listened to it while feeling the vibrations, I could enjoy the flow from birth on a cosmic scale. I felt the flow leading up to here. My back hurt, so I felt that it was my stagnation, and when I left it open and let it flow, I felt comfortable with the stagnation. It was my first experience to experience the details that make each cell happy. The whole body has become lighter.

I thought that each of the voices of Toma-san was different, and I was listening while feeling that the vibrations were different. I felt the sound yesterday, but today I felt that it was the LORD of Seven and the LORD of SIX. I felt it with the sound of the crystal bowl, and I felt that the bones of my body were loosened. I felt that there was a dome-shaped dark room in the rainbow color and a slight golden light was on.

I was in a very clear condition. It felt like it had penetrated into my brain with a clear feeling that all the words seemed to be in shape. It was very pleasant to feel the difference in frequency due to the difference in brightness. There was a feeling that it was linked to everyday things, and I somehow understood what was happening in everyday life.

Anyway, it felt good and I just listened with the consciousness of being immersed. My heart was fluttering, blood flowed throughout my body, and I was living painfully. That’s right! I listened to it along with the experience, but I was able to feel in words and sounds what I had never seen before in a new and unknown world. I became sleepy at the Lord of Seven, and thought that I wasn’t here yet. I want to listen again. I want to meet all Lord soon and to get closer to the Lords.

At the beginning, I felt like I was looking down at myself from a high place, which made me feel comfortable, light and calm. When I was closing my eyes and thought that the white one had gone, the black one came and that was interesting. I was listening while feeling “What is a crystal ball?”

It’s hard to express in words, but I was shown it. From the heavy vibration, it became lighter and lighter, and I felt the burning heat from around my chest. At the time of the Lord of Nine, the crystal bowl was dazzling with great light. It’s such a world! I was impressed. After it was over, I knew that everyone was there as if I were in outer space.

I didn’t know about Emerald Tablet and was interested in it, so I participated. I cried. At first I thought I had to listen to it, but the sound was soft and I knew that I should listen to it like this. I lost strength. I didn’t get all the words, but I felt like I went to various places and saw various economies. I felt like I was in a rainbow-colored space … I was impressed with it and came back. I was impressed.

I was very nervous in the first half. I was wondering if the sound was choppy and I was rejecting it. However, in the second half, I could hear the sound without interruption and it made me feel good. The moment there are no words, I felt I was carry softly as if amniotic fluid was such a pleasant feeling.

My vibration usually comes out from my heart, it was the opposite today. Why is “99”? It comes into my head. It was simple today. I was overthinking. I felt that I was already there. I was in the world of The Emerald Tablet.

My pineal gland was getting hot, I used to think my pineal gland was somewhere in my body, but now I knew exactly where. At the time when the right way were shown, I saw the stairs of the pyramid. The crystal ball was really bright.

At that moment something popped into my head. I have a feeling that I can move without feeling friction, and it doesn’t hurt anywhere. I transcended easily. It was so much fun.

This was my second time joining the live. I saw the vision by frame. I didn’t know who that was, but I kept watching.

It was very silent. There was a void. I felt like I was shaking there I couldn’t hear anything, but I didn’t feel lonely at all. I was so comfortable.

I could easily separate my body and soul. And that was so much fun. Once I got in there I felt the danger of I could not go back anymore.

The words which I listened to stabbed me from the back. I thought that my theme now is the LORD of Five. As soon as it started, the crystal ball was so bright. Also the “heart center” was bright.

I fell asleep without realizing it.