Sound source to access the Amenti

Emerald Tablet describes how to access to the oldest hidden space, the Halls of Amenti, in the universe. It is said that there are only a few people who have reached there even nowadays.

Now, we have succeeded in developing a special device that invites you to the Amenti simply by surrendering yourself to the tone and voice. That is this CD. When the sound echoes inside the listeners, they get the key to a new world and the door is opened.

CD “EMERALD TABLET – the quest for creation-“
Selling price (tax included) 3,300 Japanese yen

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the quest for creation -into the Amenti-


March 6th 19:00- Online live for CD purchasers only!

We will hold a free online live & follow-up event for those who have purchased the Emerald Tablet CD. You can see live performances and CD commentary by Toma Source and Eriko Ooi. ○Date and time: from 7 p.m to 9.5 p.m. Saturday, March 6, 2021 ○Participation fee: Free ○Apply: If you have purchased a CD, please join the Facebook group “Emerald Tablet CD Fan Club”. ○How to join: We will inform you of the viewing URL on the Facebook group “Emerald Tablet CD 💿 Fan Club”. ○Event Page

A fan club has been started!

A fan club of Emerald Tablet CD has been started! ↓↓↓ (Excerpt) ★Anyone with an emerald tablet CD can join this group. ★Share what you experienced when you listened to it alone, or read everyone’s experiences and circulate our energy! ★Monthly gatherings are planned.😆 Share events will be held via zoom. ★Schedule information of the Emerald Tablet Online Live by Toma Source and Eriko Ooi  will be announced.❤️

CD release on December 4th

Finally from December 4th today EMERALD TABLET -the quest for creation – will be on sale! You can also purchase at the following sites. Amazon TOWER RECORDS HMV BIC CAMERA Rakuten lohaco honto